Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering

Project vision

Development of an integrated tool-chain for manufacturing engineering that supports decision making in early phases

AIToC is an ITEA project with the goal to develop an integrated toolchain for manufacturing engineering that supports decision-making from a very early phase on.

Modern approaches for manufacturing engineering rely heavily on software tools for planning, simulation, and automation. While these tools are highly sophisticated in their area of application, interoperability is a problem due to missing standards and incompatibilities between tools, methods, and formats. Engineering software tools therefore must be adapted to each company’s needs, with great effort, as the number of variants and combinations in which a production system can be built is huge. The AIToC scope and approach include the development of existing or new tools for requirements definition and management, generation of process plans, generation of equipment models, and layout generation.

Virtual Preparation

By combining state of the art digital manufacturing tools with recent advances in formal methods, reliable control systems can be developed in parallel with simulation models of production systems.

Latest news

October, 11th 2022
Face to face meeting, Istanbul, Turkey
Face to face meetings are great to boost project productivity, provide time for synchronization of tasks, and a chance to meet project partners in person. In fall 2022 we have meet in Istanbul, Turkey. We have hosted our meeting at MEXT Smart Factory, and we got a chance to visit FORD R&D Center - Training Center. (Large picture)
May, 22nd 2022
AIToC face2face news from Göteborg
The AIToC Consortium has finally been able to join forces also in person after the long pause! Thanks to our hosts Volvo and Chalmers for an amazing two days at Göteborg for a productive and eye-opening meeting. The next in-person meetings will be arranged by the national consortia of Finland, Germany and Turkey. (Large picture)
February, 12th 2021
International Kick-off
The international kick-off took place Online on February 12th, 2021.
December, 1st 2020
Label received
ITEA has now labeled AITOC and the national consortia are now preparing their national applications.

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