Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering

Documentation - table of contents

During the course of the project this page will be updated with detailed framework documentation and usage examples. Currently we present just an overview of future documentation.

  1. Architecture overview
  2. Requirements
  3. Getting started
    • Framework installation
    • Active registry
    • Task and operation editor
    • AJAN reasoning engine
    • MOSIM+ simulation package for Unity
    • Minimal simulation example
    • Simulation example - integrating task editor and reasoning engine
    • Real-time data collection
    • Data pipelines
    • Layout generation and optimization
    • Assembly sequence reasoning from product design
  4. Working with tool library
  5. Working with MMU library
  6. Advanced topics
    • Creating tools
    • Creating MMUs
    • Creating services and adapters
    • Creating data collection plugins
    • Creating data processing plugins
  7. Online resources