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October, 6th 2023
Face to face meeting - Stuttgart
In this meeting we have synchronized work on the 3 themes that are used to present project results. First video presentation of the theme 2 has been presented giving guidlines for other themes. Exploitation plan has been updated for every work package.
September, 13th 2023
PO days - Berlin
During the project Outline Days in Berlin Kristofer Bengtsson has presented AIToC vision - Digitalized, automated and AI supported Manufacturing Engineering in all phases. We have also presented a follow up project idea - ArtWork that will be the next phase of the work towards Industry 5.0.
February, 8th 2023
Face to face meeting - Oulu
In this meeting we have defined 3 themes of project results. Those topics will be used to present demonstrators and workflows. Workgroups have been formed. Exploitation, dissemination, and standarization topics have been discussed.
January, 26th 2023
Review meeting (online)
The project, during the second year, achieved many results. Priorities are set for the finalization of the developments, for highlighting the benefits of the technical tools and setting the exploitation strategy. The objective is to maximize the impact of the project.
October, 11th 2022
Face to face meeting, Istanbul, Turkey
Face to face meetings are great to boost project productivity, provide time for synchronization of tasks, and a chance to meet project partners in person. In fall 2022 we have meet in Istanbul, Turkey. We have hosted our meeting at MEXT Smart Factory, and we got a chance to visit FORD R&D Center - Training Center. (Large picture)
May, 22nd 2022
AIToC face2face news from Göteborg
The AIToC Consortium has finally been able to join forces also in person after the long pause! Thanks to our hosts Volvo and Chalmers for an amazing two days at Göteborg for a productive and eye-opening meeting. The next in-person meetings will be arranged by the national consortia of Finland, Germany and Turkey. (Large picture)
February, 12th 2021
International Kick-off
The international kick-off took place Online on February 12th, 2021.
December, 1st 2020
Label received
ITEA has now labeled AITOC and the national consortia are now preparing their national applications.